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Getting the allowlist

Privy allows you to easily get the current allowlist for your app.

Using @privy-io/server-auth

Use the PrivyClient's getAllowlist method to get your app's current allowlist. Pass no parameters to this method.

const allowlistEntry = await privy.getAllowlist();

If the request is successful, the method will return an array of AllowlistEntry objects. These include a type describing the type of entry ('email', 'phone', or 'wallet') and a value with the corresponding account identifier (e.g. the email address).

Using the REST API

Make a GET request to:<your-privy-app-ID>/allowlist

Below is a sample cURL command for getting your current allowlist:

curl --request GET '<your-privy-app-ID>/allowlist' \
-u ":<your-privy-app-secret>" \
-H "privy-app-id: <your-privy-app-ID>"

A successful response will include an array of your current allowlist entries, like below:

        "id": "allowlist-entry-ID",
        "type": "wallet",
        "value": "0xab5801a7d398351b8be11c439e05c5b3259aec9b",
        "appId": "your-privy-app-ID"
        "id": "allowlist-entry-ID",
        "type": "email",
        "value": "[email protected]",
        "appId": "your-privy-app-ID"