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Welcome to Privy Auth!

One tool to delight them, one tool to auth them
One tool to connect them all, and in the light onboard them
-- JRR Token 🧙‍♀️ on modern authentication

Privy Auth is a powerful framework for gradual authentication in web3.

We meet your users where they are. What does that mean?

  • Onboard users across web2 and web3 authentication methods. Users can sign in to your app with a crypto wallet, an email address, or even a social media profile like Twitter; they don’t need to have a wallet to access your product.
  • Onboard your users with common web2 methods to get them started and exploring your product. They connect a wallet only when they need to. By giving you fine-grained control over when to trigger authentication flows and wallet connections, you can improve conversion and craft better UX.
  • All auth methods create a common user object for your app. A user is a user, regardless of whether they’ve connected with a wallet, email or Discord account. No endless branching in your code logic to support more users.

For users who don’t have a self-custodial wallet, Privy will guide them through setting one up and connecting it to your app. Our simple library works for all users and all devices – regardless of their authentication method, whether or not they have connected a wallet, whether they’re on browser or mobile, etc.

Get back to focusing on your core product. Build for users, not wallets.