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Welcome to Privy Auth!

One tool to delight them, one tool to auth them
One tool to connect them all, and in the light onboard them
-- JRR Token 🧙‍♀️ on modern authentication

Privy Auth is a simple toolkit for progressive authentication in web3.

Tally is a sample app.

'Tally' is a sample app. In your app, your logo will replace it!

Privy allows you to meet your users where they are. What does that mean?

  • Onboard users across traditional and web3 authentication methods. Users can sign in to your app with a crypto wallet, an email address, their phone number, or even a social profile (e.g., Twitter or Discord). Users don’t need to have a wallet to explore your product.
  • Enable progressive onboarding to boost user conversion. Require a wallet from your user only once it’s needed. With fine-grained control over when to trigger authentication flows and wallet connections, you can improve conversion and craft better UX.
  • All auth methods create a common user object for your app. A user is a user, regardless of whether they’ve connected with a wallet, email or Discord account. No endless branching in your code logic to support more users. Allow users to link as many identifiers as they’d like to one underlying account.

For users who don’t have a self-custodial wallet, Privy will guide them through setting one up and connecting it to your app. Our simple library works for all users and all devices – regardless of their authentication method, whether or not they have connected a wallet, or whether they’re on browser or mobile.


Check Privy out for yourself: try our demo!