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Use the Users page of the dashboard to manage all of your app's users and their linked accounts.

User table

The user table displays all users for your selected app. This includes imported users who may have not yet logged into your application. Imported users will be italicized; unitalicized users have logged into your application at least once.

You can search the user table by a user's DID or one of their linked accounts, such as an email address, a phone number, a wallet address, or a social handle. Clicking an entry in the table will open the user drawer, where you can see more details about the selected user.

The user table is paginated to display 25 users at a time. To show more users, click the "Show more users" button at the bottom.

User drawer

The user drawer opens upon selecting a user from the user table. The drawer shows you more information about the selected user, including their DID and all of their linked accounts.

The drawer also displays session data such as when the user first logged into your app, when they were last seen in your app, and their latest login method. Please note that the "Last seen" field is a rough approximation on the order of an hour from when the user was precisely last active in your app.

Deleting users

From the user drawer, you can delete a user if necessary. This is an irreversible and destructive action; if the user logs into your app again, they will have a new DID, will have to relink any formerly linked accounts, and will get a new embedded wallet address. Please take extreme care when deleting users.

For security of user assets, Privy does not delete the embedded wallet, and instead "soft deletes" it by disassociating it from the deleted user. If the user still has access to their login method and their wallet password, if they have set one, their wallet can be recovered after deletion.


The users page also shows metrics about your user base and the distribution of their linked accounts (emails, phones, wallets, socials, etc.).

In these analytics, an "active user" is defined as a user who has had their session refreshed by Privy at least once in the past period. For example, a "monthly active user" (MAU) is defined as a user who has had their session refreshed by Privy in the past thirty days.