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Removing from the denylist ‚Äč


If you do not have a denylist enabled for your app, this request will fail. Please reach out if you'd like to configure a denylist.

To delete an entry from the denylist, make a DELETE request to:


In the body of the request, include the following fields:

idstringThe ID of the denylist entry to be removed. You can obtain this ID by getting your current denylist.

Below is a sample cURL command for deleting an email from the denylist:

curl --request DELETE '<your-privy-app-ID>/denylist' \
-u ":<your-privy-app-secret>" \
-H "privy-app-id: <your-privy-app-ID>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
--data-raw '{
    "id": "clpa828s4001hl90f6dxoksrg",

A successful request will return response code 204. If there is no corresponding denylist entry, the response will include an error.