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Invite list

Privy enables you to configure an allowlist for your app, to restrict access to specific email addresses, phone numbers, and/or wallet addresses.

Use the Invite list page of the dashboard to manage allowlists for your application.

Enabling an allowlist

To enable an allowlist for your app, enable the Invite list toggle on this page.

Once an allowlist is enabled, only existing users or new users whose email, phone number, or wallet address are present in the allowlist will be permitted to login to your app. All other login attempts from new users will be rejected.

You can also disable the allowlist for your app via the same toggle.

Managing your allowlist

Once you've enabled an allowlist for your app, you can add users to the allowlist via the Add button in the top right. In the input field, enter a comma-separated list of the email addresses, phone numbers, and wallet addresses you'd like to add.

You can view all of the users in your allowlist within the table on this page. Upon clicking on an entry in the table, you can also remove that user from the allowlist if necessary.

Once a user on the allowlist logs into your application for the first time, they will be removed from the allowlist and moved to your regular Users table.