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Embedded wallets

To support users that come to your app without their own wallet, Privy makes it easy for you to provision embedded wallets.

Embedded wallets are self-custodial Ethereum wallets that are embedded into your app. This allows your users to take wallet-based actions without ever leaving your site. Embedded wallets are are the easiest way to unlock your full product experience for users who don't have, or don't want to connect, their own wallet.

Embedded wallets.

With Privy, your users can use an embedded wallet in your app or bring their own.

Privy's embedded wallets are built around a few core design principles:

Simple to use

Users can log in with email, SMS, or their social accounts and get a wallet––it's that simple. No seed phrases or third-party downloads. Users confirm wallet-based actions with human-friendly messages and can use their wallets across all of their devices.

Fully self-custodial

Wallets are fully owned by users and can never be accessed by you or Privy, meaning users stay in control and you stay compliant. Embedded wallets are exportable and interoperable; users can easily bring their assets to OpenSea, Snapshot, and across web3.

Entirely customizable

For signature and transaction prompts, your app can modify Privy's default UIs, use your own completely custom UIs, or even have the embedded wallet be entirely behind-the-scenes.

You can even integrate Privy embedded wallets with a third-party auth provider, like Auth0 or Stytch!

Composable with the ecosystem

Embedded wallets are tightly integrated with the existing Privy SDK and its wallet connectors, meaning your users can easily use an embedded wallet or bring their own wallets (BYOW) if they prefer.

Embedded wallets also expose an EIP-1193 compatible provider, giving you a unified interface for interacting with all wallet types. This means you can use embedded wallets with libraries like wagmi, viem, and more.

Audited and secured

Privy uses Shamir Secret Sharing, end-to-end encryption, and hardware security modules to enforce layered factors of security, ensuring user wallets are never accessible outside of user contexts. Read more about the security and architecture!

Get started by creating embedded wallets for your users!