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Customizing Privy


Within your app, Privy interacts with your users via the Privy Modal, which guides the user through logging in, connecting a wallet, linking additional accounts, and more.

You can customize the look of the Privy modal by adding your app's logo, setting an accent color, linking to your Terms & Conditions, etc. To do so, simply configure your app via Privy's developer console; changes made in the console will automatically apply to your app.

Login Methods

Various Privy modals with different login options configured.

Privy Auth supports the following login methods for your users:

  • login with an Ethereum wallet, by signing a SIWE challenge
  • login with email, by entering a verification code sent to their email
  • login with SMS, by entering a verification code sent to their phone number
  • login with their Google account
  • login with their Twitter account
  • login with their Discord account
  • login with their Github account

To start, Privy enables only login with email and login with wallet for your app. To disable these methods or enable additional login methods, please reach out to [email protected] and we will get you set up. You will soon be able to configure login methods for your app directly from the developer console!

When you invoke login, users will be shown a Privy modal where they can login with any of the methods you've enabled for your app. Note that even if you've disabled a given login method for your app, you can still prompt a user to link that type of account using the respective link- call, after they've logged in.


If your app requires a login method not listed here, please reach out with more information about your use case and requirements. We are actively adding support for more login methods and would love to hear about your needs.