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Setting up wallet MFA for your app ‚Äč

To enable MFA for your app, go to the Privy dashboard, select your desired app from the sidebar, and navigate to the Embedded Wallets page.

Within the Embedded Wallets page, scroll down to the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) section and select the desired MFA methods you'd like to enable for your app.

Setting up wallet MFA in the dashboard
Setting up wallet MFA in the dashboard

Once you have selected your desired MFA methods and saved changes, you can prompt your users to enroll in any of the methods you've enabled!

Please note that:

  • If your app has SMS enabled as a login method, you may not enable SMS as an MFA method as well. With SMS login enabled, SMS can already be used as the primary factor to authenticate the user for access to their wallet; it cannot be enabled as an additional factor as well.
  • To use passkeys as an MFA method, you must also enable passkeys as a login method