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Documentation / expo / PrivyProviderProps

Interface: PrivyProviderProps



appId: string

Privy application ID (can be found in privy developer dashboard)


children: ReactNode


storage?: any

By default, the Privy SDK will store any persisted state in SecureStorage. This behavior can be overridden by defining in a storage prop that implements the privy Storage interface.


import type {Storage} from '@privy-io/expo';

class OtherStorage implements Storage { ... }

<PrivyProvider appId="<your-app-id>" storage={OtherStorage}>


supportedChains?: [Chain, ...Chain[]]

A list of supported chains, used to specify which chains should be used throughout the application. Overrides the default list of supported chains. Calling sendTransaction or switchChain on an unsupported network will throw an error.

For embedded wallets, the wallet will automatically default to the first supplied supportedChain.

Defaults to:

  • mainnet
  • goerli
  • sepolia
  • arbitrum
  • arbitrumGoerli
  • optimism
  • optimismGoerli
  • polygon
  • polygonMumbai
  • celo
  • celoAlfajores
  • filecoin
  • filecoinCalibration
  • base
  • baseGoerli
  • linea
  • lineaTestnet
  • avalanche
  • avalancheFuji
  • holesky
  • redstoneHolesky