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The release notes for our react-auth SDK.


  • Fixes related to connect-only support
  • wallets interface improvements
  • Resolved an issue causing performance problems for pages with the PrivyProvider loaded


  • Connect-only support
  • New wallets array interface
  • Deprecate setActiveWallet, getEthereumProvider, getEthersProvider, getWeb3jsProvider in favor of wallets array methods
  • Fix WalletConnect chain switching


  • Decrease package size
  • Fix issue where signMessage contents did not respect newlines
  • Help circumvent issue with Phantom not supporting certain chains
  • Fix an issue with internal modal rendering


  • Improved recovery when sending a transaction to the EIP1193 provider
  • Improved visuals on low dollar amounts in embedded wallet transactions
  • Internal rendering mechanism improvements


  • EIP-1193 provider for embedded wallets
  • Preliminary cookie support


  • Fix ethereum object checking
  • Properly clear query params during session transfer to in-app browsers (resolves an issue where a refresh of the page would show the signing modal again)
  • Fix an issue with client-side config checking for apps with only wallet login


  • Fix an issue where attempting to sign in with smart contract wallets would show an incorrect error
  • Improve error handling related to Phantom extension window.ethereum hijacking
  • Improved client-side login config error handling and warnings


  • Add support for client-side configuration of modal ordering, ToS & Privacy Policy, supported login methods
  • Support setting logo using img and svg elements
  • Fix an issue where no logo caused an odd visual layout
  • Rename PIN to passcode for embedded wallets
  • Add support for submitting transactions using embedded wallets


  • Enable support for Phantom wallet
  • Add sign-in with Apple
  • Allow override of API URL


  • Update styling of app logo
  • Improve MetaMask UX around setting active wallet when all wallets are disconnected
  • Include ToS & Privacy Policy on modal in mobile


  • Remove layout shifts from embedded wallet iframe
  • Allow user to escape modal on clicking out or hitting ESC


  • Improve embedded wallet recovery UIs


  • Improve embedded wallet UIs


  • Enable embedded wallet private key export
  • Fix Metamask getting stuck in app store during deep linking


  • Add support for dark mode, client-side logo config, and advanced theming configuration
  • Improved mobile Coinbase Wallet experience. If already logged in to the mobile browser, this session will be transferred to the Coinbase Wallet in-app browser
  • Fix issues with blank tabs appearing on some browsers (ie Firefox)


  • Improved mobile wallet connection flow
    • Switch to using WalletConnect for MetaMask on mobile
    • Better WalletConnect connection management
    • Split wallet connection and sign on mobile to reduce issues getting stuck in App Store
  • Embedded wallet recovery
  • Fix issues when unlinking with multiple wallets
  • Improve active wallet management
  • Add hover states to all buttons and clean up app color usage


  • Add option for automatic embedded wallet create flow after login
  • Fix issue with signing using WalletConnect after page is refreshed


  • Disable background scrolling when the modal is open
  • Fix user.wallet not getting set for embedded wallets if there is external wallet data in localStorage
  • Improve PIN entry for embedded wallets on mobile
  • Fix excessive WalletConnect loading that was hitting Infura a ton


  • Release embedded wallets!
  • Fix issue with long emails overflowing the modal
  • Fix height on wallet connection status screen to avoid reflows


  • Improved multi-wallet linking
  • Disable passwordless code autofill on non-mobile
  • Improved home screen when there's only one authentication option