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The Privy React Auth SDK allows you to authenticate your users with Privy in your React app.

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Our changelog contains the latest information about new releases, including features, fixes, and upcoming changes.

We use Semantic Versioning to track changes.


npm i @privy-io/react-auth

Basic Usage

Setup your integration by wrapping any React components that will use the Privy SDK with the PrivyProvider. This gives your wrapped components access to the Privy SDK and authentication context.

// Import the PrivyProvider
import {PrivyProvider} from '@privy-io/react-auth';

// Wrap any components that will use the Privy SDK with the PrivyProvider – for example, in your `app` or `index` file
onSuccess={(user) => console.log(`User ${} logged in!`)}
<Component {...pageProps} />

Now, from within your React components, you can access the Privy SDK via the usePrivy hook!

// Import the usePrivy hook
import {usePrivy} from '@privy-io/react-auth';

// Call usePrivy() from inside your React components
const {ready, authenticated, user, login, logout} = usePrivy();