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The Privy React Auth SDK allows you to authenticate your users with Privy in your React app.

With just ten minutes of setup, you get:

  • immediate support for email, SMS, wallet, and social (Google, Twitter, Discord, etc.) logins
  • progressive authentication flows that reduce friction during onboarding
  • out-of-the-box UIs, styled with your brand, that guide your users & keep them informed
  • identity management across your user base

and so much more!


Building a new app? Check out our starter templates for integrating Privy into:

1. Installation

Install the Privy React Auth SDK using npm:

npm install @privy-io/react-auth

2. Get your API keys

To use Privy, the first step is to retrieve your Privy app ID from the developer console at If this is your first time using Privy, please reach out so we can set you up with a Privy account and app ID.

3. Setting up your app

Once you have your app ID, in your React project, wrap your components with a PrivyProvider. The PrivyProvider should wrap any component that will use the Privy SDK.


If you're starting from scratch, we recommend using one of our templates to integrate Privy:

For example, in a NextJS or Create React App project, you may wrap your components like so:

import type {AppProps} from 'next/app';
import Head from 'next/head';
import {PrivyProvider} from '@privy-io/react-auth';

// This method will be passed to the PrivyProvider as a callback
// that runs after successful login.
const handleLogin = (user) => {
console.log(`User ${} logged in!`)

function MyApp({Component, pageProps}: AppProps) {
return (
{/* Edit your HTML header */}
loginMethods: ['email', 'wallet'],
appearance: {
theme: 'light',
accentColor: '#676FFF',
logo: 'https://your-logo-url',
<Component {...pageProps} />

The PrivyProvider takes the following properties:

  • your appId
  • an optional onSuccess callback which will execute once a user successfully logs in
  • an optional createPrivyWalletOnLogin boolean to configure whether you'd like your users to create embedded wallets when logging in
  • an optional config property to customize your onboarding experience.
    • The example here will set you up with email and wallet logins.
    • See this page for more on how to construct the right config for your app!

4. Just usePrivy! 🎉

You can now use the Privy SDK throughout your app via the usePrivy hook! Check out our starter repo to see what a simple end-to-end integration looks like.

Read on to learn how you can use Privy to:

and to do so much more!


If you're new to React and using contexts, check out these resources to get ramped up!