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🤓 Hackathon Guide

At a hackathon looking to safely integrate user data off-chain into your app? Look no further. This is a great place to get started.

You should also reach out to the team on our Discord hackathon channel with any questions!

Good first steps 🐣​

Hack ideas 💡​

Here are a few ideas of cool things to build with Privy!

  • Personal encrypted note taking app
    • Send encrypted files or notes off-chain to a given wallet or yourself using Privy
  • Privacy preserving newsletter (e.g. Medici Minutes-like email form but privacy preserving)
    • Simple mailing list that takes in name/email to send out product updates without taking on user emails
  • On-chain monitoring service: "your on-chain activity is public, your data shouldn’t be"
    • Specify wallet addresses you want to watch – get email or text updates every time the address has activity (e.g. tx in or out)
  • Simple, private Proof-of-Personhood protocol
    • Link social networks to user addresses as part of sybil resistance, e.g. Discord, Twitter, etc are privately associated to addresses
  • Simple messenger with encrypted messages
  • Privacy-preserving DAO onboarding service
  • Simple privacy-preserving form builder to create real user profiles for DAOs around wallets
  • Verifiable Credential builder and store

We can't wait to see what you build!