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Exporting the embedded wallet

Privy enables your users to export the full private key for their embedded wallet. This allows them to use their embedded wallet address with another wallet client, such as MetaMask in any application.

For example, if a user purchases an asset in your app with their embedded wallet, they can still use that asset outside of your app by exporting their embedded wallet's private key to another wallet client. This ensures your users always have full control over their assets and are using best-in-class software in whatever third-party app they go to.

To have your user export their embedded wallet's private key, use the exportWallet method from the usePrivy hook.

When invoked, exportWallet will open a modal where your user can copy the full private key for their embedded wallet. The modal will also link your user to a guide for how to load their embedded wallet private key into another wallet client, such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or Rainbow.

Exporting the embedded wallet.

If your user is not authenticated or has not yet created an embedded wallet in your app, this method will fail.

As an example, you might attach exportWallet as an event handler to an export wallet button in your app:

Example Export Wallet Button
import { usePrivy } from '@privy-io/react-auth';

function ExportWalletButton() {
const { ready, authenticated, user, exportWallet } = usePrivy();

// Check that your user is authenticated
const isAuthenticated = ready && authenticated;

// Check that your user has an embedded wallet
const hasEmbeddedWallet = !!user.linkedAccounts.find((account) => (account.type === 'wallet' && account.walletClient === 'privy'));

disabled={!isAuthenticated || !hasEmbeddedWallet}
Export my wallet

When your user exports their embedded wallet, their private key is assembled on a different origin than your app's origin. This means neither you nor Privy can ever access your user's private key. Your user is the only party that can ever access their full private key.