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Use Privy's dashboard to manage your apps, retrieve your API keys, and manage the administrators for your account.

You can access the dashboard at Login with the email address you used to sign up for Privy.

Managing your apps

From the home page of the dashboard, you can manage all of your existing apps and create new ones via the Applications section. Upon clicking into an app, you will be taken to that app's configuration pages.

Creating a new app

To create a new app, click the New app button in the top right of the Applications section. You will be prompted to enter in a name for your new app, and then will be taken to its configuration pages.

App dropdown

If you are not on the dashboard's home page, you can easily access your apps from the App dropdown in the top navigational bar. From here, you can also create new apps by clicking the Add development app option.

If you are on an app configuration page, you can easily swap to the same configuration page for a different app via the dropdown. For instance, if you are on the Branding page for a given application, you can navigate to the Branding page for a different application simply by selecting it from the dropdown.

Managing your team

From the home page of the dashboard, you can manage all of account administrators via the Team members section. You can view all of your current team members and add or remove new ones as necessary.

Account admins have permissions to create new apps, manage existing apps and their users, get API keys, and add or remove other admins.