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Swift (iOS) Quickstart

The Privy Swift SDK is a Swift library for Privy that allows you to add secure authentication, non-custodial embedded wallets, and powerful user management into your iOS application.

Supported Features

Sign In with Email
Sign In with SMS
Sign In with Social Providers🕒
Sign In with Wallets (SIWE)
Sign In with Third-Party Auth
Sign In with Farcaster (SIWF)🕒
Embedded Wallet Creation
Embedded Wallet Creation with Passwords🕒
Embedded Wallet Recovery
Embedded Wallet Signatures & Transactions
Embedded Wallet Key Export🕒
Setting password on existing embedded wallet🕒
Using MFA with the embedded wallet🕒


The Swift SDK currently supports embedded wallets, as well as sign-in with email, SMS, and third-party auth. We are actively building out support for social sign-in.