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User Account Recovery

Privy is building a simple library to help developers onboard all users to web3. As part of this, our product has two core components: an authentication service and an embedded wallet service. These can be used together or apart by developers.

Users will interact with Privy through the products that integrate its libraries. In general, Privy cannot help users with account loss in the event of lost credentials or if account recovery is not set up.

Troubleshooting tips

Before looking at recovery options, you may want to try out the following:

  • Make sure you are attempting to sign in with the same credentials you initially used. Often, you may be trying to sign in with new credentials (for example a phone number rather than an email), leading to a new account being created for you.
  • Verify you are getting the appropriate verification texts or emails to log in. If you are not, please reach out to [email protected], we are here to help with this.

Recovering a lost account

If you have forgotten your credentials, there is typically nothing Privy can do to help. For security reasons, Privy cannot help users in these cases. Simply put, today Privy cannot prove that a user who loses his or her credentials is who they say and cannot risk giving access to a user account to an unrelated third-party.

In general, we recommend linking multiple authentication methods to your account, when possible, to help you in case you lose credentials.

Recovering an embedded wallet

Embedded wallets are cryptographically generated in such a way that Privy cannot access user keys.

In the event the app hosting your embedded wallet goes down however, you can still recover your assets using your authentication mechanism (or authentication mechanism and passcode). Privy will soon host a recovery site to that effect.


If you have lost access to an embedded wallet, it is essential that you do not clear your browser cache as this may make recovery impossible.