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Troubleshooting embedded wallets

If you're running into issues with creating and using embedded wallets in your app, check out some common errors below, and how to resolve them.

Embedded wallets created on localhost, but not on deployment

If you are able to successfully create embedded wallets for your users on localhost, but not in a deployed environment, double-check that the protocol for your deployment URL is https:// (secure), and not http://. Privy embedded wallets use the browser's native WebCrypto API, which is only available in secure contexts like https://.

In kind, you must use a secure context (https://) for your deployment. Embedded wallets will not be created or work in insecure contexts like http://, except localhost, which is a special case and treated by the browser as a secure context.

Access to the Base RPC URL has been blocked by CORS

If you're using embedded wallets on Base or Base Goerli, and see the following error:

Access to fetch at '' from origin 'insert-your-origin' has been blocked by CORS policy...

This likely indicates that your IP address has been rate limited by the Blast RPC URL for making too many requests within a short time window.

Though this may appear to be a CORS violation, the initial error sent by Blast should indicate this rate limit (with a 429 status code). Successive errors due to the rate limit may not include the required CORS headers, which is why the overall error message appears as a CORS violation.

If you are seeing this issue, please try again shortly. If it still does not resolve, please reach out to [email protected] and we can help debug!