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The Privy Expo SDK is a React Native library client for Privy that allows you to add secure authentication, non-custodial embedded wallets, and powerful user management into your application.


You can find a changelog for the Expo SDK here.

Supported features

The Privy Expo SDK is under active development. In kind, please note that:

  • Prior to integrating the SDK, you must first request access in the Privy Dashboard
  • Certain Privy features are not currently supported in the SDK, though we are actively building support for these items. Please refer to the Feature Support Matrix below to understand what the SDK currently supports.
Sign In with Email
Sign In with SMS
Sign In with Social Providers
Sign In with Wallets (SIWE)🕒
Sign In with Third-Party Auth🕒
Sign In with Farcaster (SIWF)
Embedded Wallet Creation
Embedded Wallet Creation with Passwords
Embedded Wallet Recovery
Embedded Wallet Signatures & Transactions
Embedded Wallet Key Export🕒
Setting password on existing embedded wallet🕒
Using MFA with the embedded wallet🕒

App Store review

Applying to the App Store? Your app's reviewers may need a hard-coded login in order to be able to inspect your app. Follow Privy's Test Account guides to set this up.